Creator of Stock Sierra

I am a hardcore Technical Analyst (CMT III) and am actively involved in Trading and Training related to the stock market. I have been in the market for the past 5 years with expertise in Japanese Candlesticks Chart, Western Bar Chart, Harmonic Patterns, Fibonacci, Harmonics, etc.

I started this blog with an aim to educate and spread my knowledge with as many people as possible either trying to be financially independent or wanting to make a career in the stock market. The struggle and difficulties I faced when I first stepped into the market acted as a motivation for me to start this blog which would help the aspiring traders and investors to learn more making least of the mistakes that anyone could make in the volatile market.

No need to worry anymore. Here you will get knowledge right from the scratch to finish where every aspect of the market will be explained in a very basic language for full understanding.

Right knowledge and right mindset is all you need to be successful in this market. Keep reading and keep growing.

Happy Trading!!